The PRIF Coordination Office is hosted by the Asian Development Bank’s Pacific Liaison and Coordination Office based in Sydney.  The key role of the Coordination Office is to manage PRIF’s work program, including the facilitation of PRIF partner coordination activities, and to oversee and manage PRIF’s TA program.

PRIF Coordination Office staff
Sean O’Sullivan PRIF
Sean O’Sullivan
Team Leader

Sean has had a 30-year career in international development with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with a primary focus on infrastructure. He was director general of one of the bank’s largest regional departments, covering 10 countries in central and west Asia, and sectors, including transport, energy, urban services, irrigation, social services, and finance. He held other senior management positions in ADB’s strategy and policy department and portfolio, procurement and financial management department and spent many years as a practitioner, as infrastructure director, and as an infrastructure economist leading project processing teams, including work in the Pacific.

Lorena Estigarribia PRIF
Lorena Estigarribia
Technical Assistance Officer

Lorena is a senior infrastructure specialist with extensive experience developing infrastructure investment strategies and plans across economic and social sectors, in close collaboration with the Ministries of Finance and Infrastructure and with strong focus on development partner financing coordination and government institutional building. Lorena has demonstrated success in growing programs through institutional cooperation and bringing people together to create innovation and sustainability across sectors.

Jane Romero PRIF
Jane Romero
Technical Assistance Officer

Jane has over 20 years’ research and practical experience in project management in areas, such as sustainable transport solution to climate change, transport policy and planning and climate financing and renewable energy. As a practitioner, Jane has also held structural and transport engineering positions designing and supervising construction work.  As an international consultant she has extensive experience working with various donors and government throughout Asia and Africa and the Pacific in the area of sustainable transport, climate financing and renewable energy.

Caroline T-Fusimalohi PRIF
Caroline T-Fusimalohi
Communications and Secretariat Coordinator

Caroline has over 25 years' experience in international development cooperation, aid management and development effectiveness.  As a development practitioner, Caroline held advisory positions with the Pacific Community (SPC) developing country programmes for SPC and its Pacific member countries. Prior to joining SPC, Caroline’s experience included public sector management and advising Tonga’s Finance Minister on the implementation of the public sector reform programme. She was also the Government of Tonga’s Director of Planning responsible for aid coordination and national development planning. 

Nina Mines
Nina Divina Mines
Operations and Finance Officer

Nina has more than 30 years’ experience in development consultancy in the areas of project management, administration and finance in the infrastructure, health, agriculture and forestry, business/private sector development, and finance and economics sectors.  The PRIF regional TA is Nina’s fourth regional assignment with the Asian Development Bank and has given her the opportunity to work in Kiribati, Tonga and Vanuatu.

Timothy Stats, technical assistance officer
Timothy Stats
Technical Assistance Officer

Tim is an architect and project manager with 15 years of experience.  The majority of this time has been working in international development specializing in the design and delivery of resilient infrastructure.  He has extensive experience working for donors, private sector consulting firms and humanitarian organizations, which lends him a well-rounded perspective on the importance of resilient infrastructure to communities challenged by natural disasters and climate change. Before moving to Fiji, Tim worked in Timor-Leste, Haiti, the Philippines, and Nepal.  As a creative professional, Tim has great respect for vernacular architecture and is passionate about promoting traditional knowledge in meeting contemporary challenges.

Luke Smith, Infrastructure economist
Luke Smith
Infrastructure Economist

Luke is an economist and infrastructure specialist with over 15 years’ experience. His experience includes working with government and private sector proponents to develop infrastructure strategies, feasibility studies, pricing and economic regulatory reviews. This experience spans a range of sectors including transport, water, energy and urban development.

Simona Achitei
Dr. Simona Achitei
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Simona is a social development expert and a specialist in design, monitoring, evaluation and learning systems, inclusive of systems for organizational development, performance management and strategic planning. She has 15 years’ experience in senior leadership roles in multilateral, private and not-for-profit organizations in over 20 countries across Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Simona is passionate about enhancing accountability, building ownership for results and communicating impact effectively.

Meapelo Maiai
Meapelo Maiai
Technical Assistance Officer

Meapelo has over 20 years of experience as an environmental planner, working with multiple Pacific island countries and development partners to support and promote environmental and social sustainability in planning for resilient infrastructure across the Pacific. He is passionate about building regional and national capacities of institutions and local communities to apply best practices in environmental and social safeguards to achieve the best outcome for the environment and people.