PRIF Knowledge Hub and Events is an online platform that supports the sharing of knowledge, experiences and ideas by infrastructure practitioners across the Pacific with the aim of informing policy, planning, decision-making and good practices about quality infrastructure management and investment.

In 2022, PRIF established a supportive space to share infrastructure-related information and knowledge of common interest among Pacific infrastructure practitioners in government, regional organizations, academia, the private sector and others, for better infrastructure outcomes in the Pacific. Community of Practice events take place virtually, usually six times a year. Session recordings are uploaded on this page.

From time to time, PRIF commissions online training courses and materials for infrastructure practitioners in the Pacific in a range of sub-sectors. These are uploaded periodically on this page.

The Shared Approach for the Management of Environmental and Social Risks and Impacts for Pacific Island countries provides guidance on ways to address environmental and social safeguard issues and challenges, particularly those that are unique to the Pacific.

Initiated in 2021 during the height of COVID-19 restrictions, PRIF Week is a virtual conference that brings together Pacific governments, development partners, regional organizations, international contractors, and others to discuss issues of priority for the region's infrastructure development and maintenance and seeks potential solutions. Physical in country hubs were trialed successfully in 2022 and will continue to feature in the future events, whereever possible.