On 23 April 2024, the PRIF Management Committee (PMC), chaired by the European Investment Bank, welcomed the new Team Leader for the PRIF Coordination Office, Dr. Robert Guild. 

  • PRIF SWP2024-2027
    PRIF SWP2024-2027
  • PRIF PMC April 2024
    PRIF PMC April 2024
  • PMC Chair and PRIF CO Team Leader
    PMC Chair and PRIF CO Team Leader

The PMC discussed and approved the PRIF Phase 5 strategic work plan for 2024-2027, which has a budget of US$14.25. The PMC deliberated on the PRIF Phase V priority areas, including a stronger emphasis on mainstreaming climate change, disaster risk reduction, and GEDSI in infrastructure planning.  The partners also discussed approaches to strengthen pipeline sharing for improved coordination and avoid duplication.