• Pacific Infrastructure Performance Indicators 2021 Report
    Pacific Infrastructure Performance Indicators 2021 Report

An important knowledge product, the report is the result of close collaboration between PRIF, SPC and other Pacific regional organizations, including SPREP, PWWA, and the PRIF partners. 

Sean O’Sullivan, PRIF Coordination Office Team leader, said, “PRIF is pleased to share the PIPIs 2021 Report which covers the economic infrastructure sectors in 14 Pacific Island countries and provides a good basis for decision-makers to identify and assess issues, forecast the future, monitor progress and evaluate the results of infrastructure-related projects and programmes.  The report will PRIF partners, and our Pacific member countries prioritize policies and projects that would contribute to achieving their national sustainable development goals”. 

The PIPIs is designed to provide statistical baselines and trend data for all PRIF Pacific member countries, and to track the performance of the economic infrastructure sectors, including energy; telecommunications; transport; solid waste; and water and sanitation. Performance is measured in terms of five dimensions - access, quality, efficiency, affordability and safety.

The PIPIs 2021 Report is the third of a series, with the first report published in 2011 and the second in 2016.  The report builds on the achievements of the first two exercises. It includes new indicators, aligning with the sustainable development indicators (SDGs), and related to technological advances, cybersecurity, and trade-related measurements.