The 2016 Pacific Water and Wastewater Association (PWWA) benchmarking report was released during the Pacific Water Conference and Expo in Tonga, August 2016. This report represents five years of performance assessment, 2011 to 2015.

The previous 2012-2013 PWWA benchmarking exercise was supported by PRIF, following which the indicators were entered into the IB-NET database. IB-NET is the World Bank's International Benchmarking Network for Water and Sanitation Utilities with direct access to the world's largest database for water and sanitation utilities performance data. Using the IB-NET website - - enables PWWA and its members to upload data directly into the IB-NET database where they are presented in the form of performance indicators, graphs, and performance reports. 28 PWWA member utilities submitted and analysed their performance results, paving the way to understanding the issues for each utility, and to create strategic development plans.

This round of performance assessment was done exclusively by the PWWA Secretariat and its member utilities. With financial assistance from the Asian Development Bank and technical support from the IB-NET program of the World Bank, the PWWA member utilities are preparing to make their own decisions in performance improvement. The database provides utilities and other sector stakeholders the opportunity to search for data in different formats and allows for simple benchmarking of utility data. The benchmarking tool enables the utility to compare itself with other utilities that share similar characteristics (e.g. size, factors related to location, and management structure).

Thursday, 27 August 2020