PRIF is in search of an international Procurement-Infrastructure Specialist/Team Leader and an international Business/Financial Specialist for the conduct of a study on "Improving Procurement Practice and Local Participation in Pacific Infrastructure Delivery".  The study aims to study identify and have a summary of existing procurement legislation and practices across PRIF member countries; a summary of procurement and local participation challenges faced; formulate recommendations on best practice guidelines and approaches for governments, development partners and the local private sector to increase local participation in infrastructure related procurement; and recommendations on procurement capacity development needs and delivery approaches.  

The study is to be implemented over five months - mid-July 2021 to end December 2021 and will involve a regional stocktake of existing procurement legislations in PRIF member countries, procurement practices of PRIF partners, local construction contractors and infrastructure sector professionals in each PRIF member country and the procurement challenges and issues they face, regional and national vocational educational training authorities and providers, and capacity development and other initiatives being undertaken to meet the challenges to local participation in the procurement and delivery of infrastructure.  Two pilot countries will be identified for in-depth research, consultation and workshops, the results of which to help formulate the findings and recommendations of the study.

The terms of reference for the Study and the positions can be found in the ADB Consulting Services Recruitment Network (CSRN) using the following link and where expressions of interest can also be sent before 11:59 pm of 25 June 2021 (Manila time):

Procurement/Infrastructure Specialist/Team Leader -

Business/Financial Specialist -



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