Pacific Resource Infrastructure Facility (PRIF)

Established in 2008 to provide technical assistance, research and knowledge products on key infrastructure issues to Pacific island countries

and as a coordination facility for the principal development partners in the region.

Surveilance of Drinking Water Quality in the Pacific Islands

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Kiribati consists of three main island groups scattered over three million km2 of sea in the Central Pacific, between 4°N and 3°S, and 172° E to 157° W. The total land area is 810.8 km2, divided into 33 low-lying coral islands, 10 of which are coral atolls. 

The Gilbert Group consists of 17 islands (including Banaba, or Ocean Island) with a total land area of 285.7 km2. Tarawa atoll, in the Gilbert Group, where the capital is located, consists of more than 20 named islets, six of which, in the south, are linked by causeways.