The study investigated options to engineer the use of locally available pavement materials to improve pavement quality, resilience, and sustainability, as well as reduce the overall whole-of-life cost of road construction and maintenance. The report looks at the extent to which locally available pavement materials can be used to construct resilient low-volume roads.  It also sets out factors to ensure success, which include ongoing training and support, coupled with the use of appropriately scaled and resourced pavement investigation, design, material supply, and processing; sound road construction practices; and knowledge of local materials and their applicability and limitations.

The study focuses on the effective use of local materials and resources for the improvement of low-volume roads (both unsealed and sealed). However, it is stressed that while the use of more robust, cost-effective, and stable materials is important, proper asset maintenance is also needed to minimize whole-of-life costs and ensure sustainability.

Thursday, 27 August 2020