Pohnpei Port Scoping Study

The Pohnpei port scoping study is an extensive assessment of the current operations, management and need for infrastructure expansion at the sea port as conceptualised by the Pohnpei State Government and the Pohnpei Ports Authority (PPA). In researching and evaluating the demand and drivers behind the proposed port expansion, the study provides a set of specific recommendations for a short and medium term improvement strategy that is designed to accommodate current and projected trade volumes.

The study outlines an initial assessment of alternative options available and their capacity for improving port operations and enhancing facilities at Pohnpei, with focus on the fisheries sector, general freight, containers, bulk liquid fuels and the potential for increasing cruise liner vessel arrivals.  The study also aims to deliver a considered perspective on organizational and institutional strengthening with an emphasis on accountability and performance improvement measures.

These measures are targeted at providing port users with a more reliable and consistent product. Alongside this deliverable is the targeted objective of lifting financial performance based around optimizing operating activities, improving management of overhead expenditure, creditor and debtor controls and aligning tariffs on a competitive and commercial basis.