Pacific Resource Infrastructure Facility (PRIF)

Established in 2008 to provide technical assistance, research and knowledge products on key infrastructure issues to Pacific island countries

and as a coordination facility for the principal development partners in the region.

Infrastructure Planning and Management

Nauru Integrated Infrastructure Strategic Plan (NIISP)

The Nauru Integrated Infrastructure Strategic Plan (NIISP) sets the direction for infrastructure investments and management in Nauru in the next five to ten years.  It integrates capital planning into the broader asset management framework to ensure that existing infrastructure is restored and adequately maintained, and that new infrastructure is built to service the infrastructure demands and development needs and objectives of the Government of Nauru.  Appendices of the report can be obtained at

Infrastructure resilience and building standards in Pacific island countries

Infrastructure resilience and building standards in Pacific island countries

Developing a regional approach

PRIF is supporting a regional diagnostic study of constraints in the application of building codes and standards in the Pacific.

• A regional and coordinated approach is proposed to raise awareness on the importance of building standards as well as a road map for strengthening capacity of government agencies.

• Building standards complement donor support to ‘build-back-better’ and other initiatives.


Nauru Infrastructure Review

This 2018 report is an end-of-term review of the DFAT-funded Nauru Infrastructure and Services investment to support DFAT’s improved performance and strategic planning of the infrastructure sector within the Nauru Aid Program, and help guide future programming decisions. The review was limited to investments since 2014. Infrastructure plays a key role in underpinning development in the economic and social sectors of Nauru.

Tuvalu Infrastructure Asset Management

A good Infrastructure asset management framework integrates planning, finance, engineering, maintenance and operations functions. It generally includes policies, strategies, plans, processes, institutional organization and systems, among other tools, depending on the specific needs of the country. Catering to Tuvalu’s unique circumstances, the Tuvalu Asset Management Framework assists the Government to provide appropriate services to the community.

Niue Transport Strategy and short term action plan

This is the Government of Niue’s (GoN) first National Transport Strategy, which brings together into a single document GoN’s policies on the aviation, maritime and land transport sectors, as well as relevant institutional, operational and investment activities. This strategy document provides guidance for the development of Niue’s transport network and services from 2017 to 2026.

NAURU Economic Infrastructure Strategy and Investment Plan - 2011

In the decade to 2005, financial mismanagement and government missteps caused Nauru incomes and living standards to plunge. In 2005, Nauru embarked on a program of change, including the development of a 20 year National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS).  The NSDS and its 2009 update, aim for Nauru to achieve growth by building on economic infrastructure and advancing structural reforms.