Pacific Resource Infrastructure Facility (PRIF)

Established in 2008 to provide technical assistance, research and knowledge products on key infrastructure issues to Pacific island countries

and as a coordination facility for the principal development partners in the region.


Tuvalu Infrastructure Asset Management

A good Infrastructure asset management framework integrates planning, finance, engineering, maintenance and operations functions. It generally includes policies, strategies, plans, processes, institutional organization and systems, among other tools, depending on the specific needs of the country. Catering to Tuvalu’s unique circumstances, the Tuvalu Asset Management Framework assists the Government to provide appropriate services to the community.

Tuvalu Sustainable and Integrated Water and Sanitation Policy 2012-2021

The Water Sector Policy (WSP) was developed to ensure that the people of Tuvalu have conitnued access to safe, reliable, afgordable and sustainable water and sanitation facilities.  The policy supports Tuvalu's key planning document - Te Kakeega II (National Strategy for Sustainable Development) and key regional frameworks such as the Millenium Development Goals, the Pacific Plan, and the Pacific Regional Actional Plan for Sustainable Water Management.  The WSP also complements other national frameworks, including Te Kaniva (National Climate Change Policy), the